Schlarbfest 2016 a huge success!

Over 30 Schlarbs and a few honorary Schlarbs made their way from around the US to gather in Destin, Florida to celebrate Alison Schlarb’s graduation and to revel in a week of unbridled Schlarbness.

Thank you to Erich and Wendi for being the ultimate hosts, and to all the other Schlarbs who cooked, cleaned, delivered specialty coffee drinks, and worked together to make this a truly memorable occasion.

The prize for traveling the furthest went to Nina, Ethan, and Bennie who came from Vilseck, Germany. Dustin got the award for taking home the most leftover food. Unfortunately, a winning team in the Battleship competition could not be determined as there were allegations of doping. A rematch has been scheduled for SchlarbFest 2020.

A great time was had by all.